CSI is fully qualified to meet your needs in many engineering, testing, inspection and other consulting fields of services.

We are licensed to practice engineering in over 10 states and our personnel and company maintain certifications in many of the following categories and organizations.
  • Construction: Actively involved in AGC, ABC and ACI (Ohio) organizations and promoting co-op opportunities in the Construction Management Programs of Eastern Kentucky University and Morehead State University

  • Laboratory Testing: NICET, CCRL, USACE, KyTC, ODOT and ACI
  • Metals and NDT: CWI, NDT ASNT/NAS-410 and ASNT Level II VT/DRT/UT/MT/PT
  • Materials Testing: NICET, ACI, KRMCA, KyTC, ODOT, and FACE
  • Engineering: CSI is certified by KyTC and ODOT for geotechnical engineering services. We are active in KSPE, ASCE, KGEG and SAME organizations and our 21 engineering professionals include 12 advanced and additional college degrees. We also promote and are active in the co-op opportunities for the University of Kentucky, University of Louisville and University of Cincinnati.
  • IBC Special Inspections
  • Our graduate geotechnical engineering staff are required to have Soils Special Inspection Certifications
  • Four International Code Council (ICC) Certified Master Special Inspectors 


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